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RFID & NFC for Industry 4.0

Redefining New Era for Industry Automation and Smart Factories

Automation und smart factories in Industrie 4.0 | smart-TEC | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG


Industry 4.0 – the fourth industrial revolution, characterised by the increasing digitization, automatization and interconnection of machines, products, value chains and sensors, is hot topic in the entire industrial sector. Interconnected machines that can communicate with each other and collect data might gain additional value by identifying and connecting to the physical products, communicate its status through value chain or even enable and collect data from products through RFID, NFC and sensor technologies. 

Physical products and logistics items were not necessarily built to provide us with this functionality. As a result, we need a way to increase the track and trace ability in manufacturing and logistics and extend machine-to-machine connectivity from products to other connected devices. A significant role in industry 4.0 revolution plays therefore the use of:

For Industry 4.0

RFID & NFC technology within the concept of Industry 4.0 penetrate the automation of production, logistics and distribution processes in industry. Gained benefits in terms of accuracy, speed, reliability, identification, authorization and access are essential for automating processes within the industry 4.0. 

By means of RFID tags manufacturers are capable to monitor their production resources throughout the value chain from production of parts and components to final assembly.

RFID eliminates errors caused by human factor, delivers higher precision and quality control and enables full automation of individual processes.

Effiziente Wareneingangskontrolle dank RFID-Technologie | smart-TEC | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG

Inteligent Logistics

RFID deployment delivers benefits of automated, individual or mass reading of products, logistics and manufacturing units, boxes, crates, pallets or containers, either at receiving or shipping goods and materials, within the entire value chain. This dramatically increases the efficiency and the possibility of manufacturing automation, logistics and supply without the need for human intervention. 

RFID enables full automation and traceability of goods, delivers increased accuracy, speed and efficiency of production, commercial, warehousing, logistics processes and eliminate human errors. Its indispensable role RFID & NFC fulfil in reverse logistics, in quality control, reverse traceability of products, packaging account control and products originality protection. 

Mobile und moderne Schwingungsmessung bei FAG | smart-TEC | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG

Smart Maintenance

Predictive identification of impending failures and predicting optimal maintenance time using RFID or NFC allows companies to respond and make any necessary repairs before the equipment breaks down, thus affecting the provision of services, loss on property and operational and human safety.

RFID & NFC tags enable effective paperless control of maintenance processes simply with a mobile NFC device. By using RFD & NFC you can identify and record property, machinery, means of production, their status, movement and history.

Progress in the field of sensors and smart technology leads to a continuous collection of ever higher volumes of data. Advanced RFID & NFC systems creates the necessary support for the collection, sorting and evaluation of relevant data. Smart Maintenance

smart-TEC offers a complete portfolio of RFID tags and labels for industrial needs and provides solutions for easy purchase of RFID tags under one roof, from simple labels to durable tags. Products range from rugged, rugged industrial RFID tags with ATEX certification, RFID cards, key to self-adhesive labels and tags.

Self-adhesive NFC & RFID labels and tags 

RFID labels are the most common form of tags. In addition to traditional paper and synthetic labels per reel for use in RFID printers, smart-TEC supplies labels with a variety of customization, choice of materials, custom printing or fitted with special security features. In case the label shall properly fulfil its role, a very important element is the choice of a suitable adhesive for particular substrates. A special variant are the labels for metallic substrates, resistant PU coated labels or labels for high temperature environments.

Durable and special RFID & NFC tags 

Durable tags are capable of withstanding high temperatures and harsh conditions throughout the production process. There is a choice of a wide variety of tags as regards to tag variations, shapes, sizes, chips, frequency, resistance, incl. ATEX and safety features miniature tags for embedded and proximity applications, RFID tags for packaging and logistics returnable items, asset management up to logistics durable tags for tracking wagons and containers. Customization, selection of right chip technology and the development of new specific shapes required by the project are often the key factor for successful implementation. 

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