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smart-TEC wins competition for the most innovative NFC application

The NFC-Forum is an international organization whose members promote the implementation of the NFC technology (Near field communication) in significantly different branches and define standards to be used throughout the world. Members such as Sony, Apple, Intel, NEC, Huawei and Samsung make sure that the elaborated industrial standards will be applied in the international RFID / NFC community.

The  „Who is Who“ of the NFC business took place on November 2nd 2017 as part of the annual NFC Forum meeting. The NFC Forum´s international members discussed in the heart of Berlin about standards, applications and possible areas of use within the industry.
How do I differentiate my product by using NFC? Which options are available to make my product interactive, personalization and thus, intelligent? How will the next NFC-technology step look like and when will it appear? All these interesting topics were discussed on a high level.

In parallel to this, the NFC-forum hosted a competition regarding the most innovative, the most exciting and most future-oriented NFC-application. smart-TEC and other well-known companies, such as NXP and FEIG ELECTRONIC, took part in this competition. The participating companies had the option to present during the networking dinner the NFC-innovations to the NFC-Forum members. Afterwards the members voted for the most interesting and most innovative NFC-application. Klaus Dargahi, the smart-TEC managing director, presented four exciting NFC-Use Cases. FusionPlay – Heroes, the first NFC card game, the NFC donation solution developed in cooperation with the partner twingle and Amnesty International, the Smart City waste management and AIREX, the intelligent sports mat. The specialist audience selected a clear winner

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