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Conversion of the smart-DOME Classic and smart-DOME Freestyle product groups to mercury-free polyurethane

In as early as January 2014 we stopped using mercury-containing polyurethane in the production of our product groups smart-DOME Classic und smart-DOME Freestyle, in cases where customers specifically asked us to do so.

Now at the start of 2018 we will be adjusting the formula for our polyurethane compound in general and only use polyurthane that is completely mercury-free. In doing so we will also be meeting legal requirements to switch to mercury-free materials in future. This standard (EU 2017/852 of 17 May 2017) applies to all companies that place mercury-containing domed products on the market. Products of the product groups smart-DOME Classic und smart-DOME Freestyle manufactured before the end of 2017 are not affected by this regulation. The switch to mercury-free production will not affect the quality you have come to expect from our products.

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