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Valuable gift – the voucher coin from Palmers

The voucher coin by Palmers is not only well known in Austria; in cooperation with RATHGEBER, the classic coin has now been completely redesigned as well as technically improved.

Palmers already began introducing the first vouchers in the 1940s – a more than innovative marketing measure given the conditions at the time. A few years later, the designs for the first voucher coins were created, which were officially approved as a means of payment by the Federal Ministry of Finance in November 1949.

The voucher coins have now been completely renewed in cooperation with RATHGEBER. The classic coin in bright, lush green has received a complete face-lift. “Our common goal was to design the coins in even higher quality,” stated Klaus Dargahi, Managing Director of the RATHGEBER subsidiary smart-TEC. The actual coin body is die-casted in a complex process and adorned with fine gold embossing. A gold-embossed, multi-color printed ROYALPLAST emblem overmolded with transparent PU material is glued into the impression with the value of the coin. The transparent, self-healing cast not only gives the coin its very high quality, but also protects the refined printing.

This method can also be used to produce special editions quickly and easily. For example, country-specific variants or special coins on special occasions. A special highlight is the possibility of designing and producing unique coins that are sent directly to customers in exquisite gift boxes. In a later step, it can be possible for customers to design their own coins themselves. RATHGEBER DIGITAL handles the complete processing for this with its individualization technique

“We also want to be pioneers in personalization,” stated Daniela Kadensky, Head of Sales Support at Palmers and responsible for the project. “The RATHGEBER Group is an ideal partner that implements the individual wishes of our customers with great dedication and a high level of professionalism.”

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