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November 2019
Smart Anatomy

Oberhaching, November 2019

Smart Anatomy

Anatomical models with NFC technology from smart-TEC 

3B Scientific is an international group of companies whose mission is to improve the quality, range and reach of medical and healthcare services globally through relevant training and simulation products. In the field of anatomy, 3B Scientific recently introduced a ground-breaking new way of learning and teaching human anatomy. The virtual anatomy courses - 3B Smart Anatomy - have been brought to life thanks to smart-TEC's NFC technology, bridging the gap between analogue and digital learning.

Lifelike models, such as head, lung, vertebrae, or torso models, are effective tools for studying or teaching human anatomy. Students, professors and healthcare professionals use anatomical models for a wide variety of purposes. Now 3B Scientific offers its customers an exclusive feature to enhance their teaching and learning experience. 3B Smart Anatomy combines the realistic anatomical model of the human body and its internal and external structures with a tool that runs on mobile devices such as smartphones, tablets or PCs. Virtual models, interactive anatomy courses and knowledge tests take 3B Scientific customers to a whole new world of anatomy teaching.

Through a fast and secure registration process set up on the teaching app, the user can take advantage of the many benefits of 3B Smart Anatomy courses in 3D4Medical's award-winning Complete Anatomy app. It starts when the label is scanned and allows the use of all 3B Smart Anatomy features for one year and a warranty upgrade for the purchased anatomical model from 3 to 5 years.

The registration process was realized by IDconnect, a software solution of the Rathgeber Group. After the label is scanned, via NFC or QR code, the browser on the smartphone opens automatically. The IDconnect page contains information about the respective product, such as a product description and product data. The globally unique UIDs (Unique Chip Identification Numbers) ensure one-time registration using a button as well as the authenticity protection.

3B Smart Anatomy was developed under the guise of Virtual meets Reality. The content of the 3B Smart Anatomy course consists of 23 individual anatomical teaching units with 117 virtual models and 39 tests. In addition to this, each user receives a three-day trial version of all the premium features of Complete Anatomy.

smart-TEC not only supplies IDconnect, the software for the registration process, but also the high-tech label that opens the virtual future of 3B Scientific. For this NFC solution, an NFC label is attached to all 3B Scientific anatomy models, either as a pendant or on the base. The label comes from the smart-LABEL product group and is characterised by robustness and flexibility in terms of printing, shape and customisation possibilities. The thin, self-adhesive label containing the integrated NFC chip adapts flexibly to any surface. The individual imprint of the 3B Scientific logo, the NFC lettering, the graphic representation of the scanning process and the QR code guide the user on the right path.

The hologram sticker on the label is not only a visual highlight but also an additional security feature. The customer-specific programming of the NFC chip is also carried out by smart-TEC. In doing so, smart-TEC ensures that the chip content, QR code, serial number and mobile website match.

3B Smart Anatomy paves the way for a completely new learning and teaching method and creates an optimal training solution - the virtual study room in the age of the Internet of Things and Virtual Reality.