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RFID / NFC Metal plates

Traditional & intelligent

Metal must be must be technologically wedded to RFID/NFC technology to guarantee perfect function. We have successfully united the versatility of radio technology with the resilience of metal in our products. The result: an intelligent metal label made from V2A stainless steel or aluminium. It can be used, engraved, printed and finished just like a conventional metal sign but also offers digital flexibility with data storage, contactless scanning and perfect integration into existing processes.

Areas of use:

  • Time tracking
  • Access control
  • Baths
  • Payment systems
  • BDE systems
  • Festivals and trade fairs


smart-PLATE HF

  • Aluminium
  • Laser-engraved
  • Integrated RFID transponder (HF technology)
  • Custom colours


  • Aluminium
  • Can be customised later by laser
  • Format 200 mm x 100 mm 
  • Integrated NFC technology


  • 2 mm aluminium
  • Printed in colour
  • Laser-engraved
  • Programmed with integrated HF technology

Selected projects


Waste disposal
Residents of Zoetermeer in the Netherlands are invoiced fairly and individually using an RFID solution. Each household identifies itself when depositing rubbish.

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Schweizerische Bundesbahnen SBB

RFID compliant with the globally applicable GS1 standard (ID-in-Rail) enables the seamless maintenance and repair of safety-relevant components.

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