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Identification, originality & security

Originalität & Sicherheit dank eindeutiger Seriennummer | smart-TEC | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG

Protect your products

RFID/NFC transponders possess globally unique serial numbers called UIDs. Safety-relevant information can be stored on their chips and RFID/NFC transponders can be integrated almost invisibly into products and objects. This makes them a much smarter way of securing and identifying objects than seals, magnetic strips and fingerprints.

Benefits compared with other methods:

  • Originality: globally unique serial number that cannot be copied.
  • Flexibility: dynamically amendable data content instead of static information.
  • Integration: can be integrated absolutely invisibly and securely into products.
  • Reading distance: contactless scanning – can be reduced to a very short distance if necessary.
  • Self-destruct: the chip’s functions are destroyed if tampering is attempted.


smart-TEC reference projects

Guthaben-Lösung für Abgabekontrolle von Kaffee | smart-TEC | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG


Portion control
Grinding time is managed using a credit solution to ensure a uniform quality and quantity of ground coffee. Time is recorded on an RFID card and can be recharged.

Smart drinking bottles for water dispensers | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG


Water regulation
The IONOX water dispenser is designed for use in schools; drawing water from it is intelligently managed using a credit system involving RFID transponders in IONOX drinking bottles.

Einweg-Produkte dank smart-LABEL für ehr Sicherheit | smart-TEC | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG


Product security
An RFID monitoring system was developed to protect against copying and secure products. Disposable products are given smart-LABELs to enable the verification of authenticity and variables such as expiry date, before use.

Driver's license with RFID | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG

Driving licence

In vehicle fleet management, RFID and NFC can be used to check the validity of employees’ driving licences quickly and effectively and in compliance with the law.

Shared mobility mit nextbike und smart-TEC | smart-TEC | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG


Sharing economy
This bike-sharing provider uses RFID technology to manage its complex infrastructure, enabling them to organise their bicycle fleet and make it easier for customers to use it.

Test site Traunstein | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG

Technical University of Munich

Tree identification
RFID is used as part of a research project on forest growth in order to mark and observe particular trees efficiently and lastingly using resilient transponders.

RFID-Transponder SULO | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG


Waste disposal
Residents of Zoetermeer in the Netherlands are invoiced fairly and individually using an RFID solution. Each household identifies itself when depositing rubbish.

smartes Retourenmanagement bei DHL | smart-TEC | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG


Parcel boxes mean more convenience, flexibility and satisfaction in the delivery process and the management of returns. Access authorisation is solved using RFID keytags.

Plagiatschutz für Reitsattel | smart-TEC | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG


Product protection
With integrated RFID technology, every riding saddle can be identified exactly by checking it on a database. Counterfeit and stolen saddles can be spotted effectively and easily using this technique.

smartes Design und perfekter Sound | smart-TEC | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG


Product authenticity
An integrated RFID label is used to ensure the authenticity of a product and greatly simplifies the service and maintenance process. Each speaker can be tracked using it.

Recommended products

smart-Label Führerschein | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG

smart-LABEL Driving Licence

From holograms to security embossing, to VOID effects and special adhesives: sophisticated security features make copying and forging the label almost impossible.

smart-Card Freestyle: Volkswagen Business Forum | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG

smart-CARD Freestyle

Beyond standard applications, an RFID/NFC card can be produced to meet custom requirements regarding shape, material, attachment and printing. 

smart-LABEL Windshield | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG

smart-LABEL Windshield

Special adhesive allows the label to stick effectively onto windscreens. This smart function is supplemented by security features on the label. 

smart-Key Standard: DHL und Deutsche Post | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG

Smart-KEY Standard

These keyrings are a smart alternative to cheque cards; they are equipped with either RFID or NFC and can be customised by printing or laser-engraving. 

smart-PET | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG


The RFID/NFC technology is enclosed and protected by two polyester films. Its flat shape is ideal for integration and retrofitting.

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