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Flexo printing

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With flexo printing, a printing plate made from plastic is used. The printing speed is extremely high. Flexo printing is also referred to as "kiss printing", since the  printing plate holding the ink only touches the printing substrates lightly. Printing and punching can be performed in a single process. Flexo printing can be combined with heat embossing printing and thermal transfer printing.

The benefits for you

  • Max. 5 colours can be printed in a single work step

  • No protective laminating is required, but it can be performed

  • Can be combined with thermal transfer printing and heat embossing printing (e.g. for barcodes or customised numbering)


  • Various films and laminates
  • Security films (e.g. VOID film, RPS)

  • Thin metal foils (copper, aluminium, steel) up to a thickness of 0.2 mm

Possible uses

  • Suitable for all applications in which labels are required from a roll and in larger numbers

  • Product security (e.g. security labels made from VOID film)

  • Labelling

  • Warning notices

  • Storage (inscribable labels)

  • Economical dealer labelling

  • Company labels

  • Functional parts made from various materials

  • Punched parts

  • After testing, also suitable for automatic dispensing