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Smart Building

Digitalisation in the construction industry with RFID/NFC & Auto-ID technology

Smart Building: Digitalisation in the construction industry with RFID/NFC & Auto-ID technology | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG

Improvements in sustainability, efficiency and security show enormous potential

The construction sector is booming and digitalisation is also gaining momentum. These are good prospects within construction. However, increasing competition as well as the cost-intensive and staff-intensive management of equipment, tools, machines and raw materials are demanding for many companies. The expenses of material and machine procurements along with the enormous testing and documentation requirements are high. If errors occur here then these quickly lead to costly consequences. The consequences are excessive stock, increased risk potential and high costs.

The digitalisation mega trend

The digitalisation mega trend has also arrived in the construction industry. Serialisation, individualisation and automatic recording and documentation are the decisive success factors.

Every RFID and NFC chip has a unique identification number worldwide (=ID) that is stored in the chip and cannot be modified. This means machines, tools, components and materials that are labelled using RFID and NFC technology are also unique worldwide. The RFID and NFC chip can be read out quickly, automatically and without contact, regardless of dirt, dust and the effects of weathering.

Correct packaging of the very sensitive RFID and NFC chips ensure that these function without errors and reliably at all times despite the high mechanical, chemical and thermal loads they face in the construction industry. Due to the fact that every machine, tool and material is unique worldwide due to the RFID and NFC designation means additional information such as geodata, maintenance, servicing and stock-related information, as well as a time stamp and usage instructions can be individually and clearly added to every single object. Modern application software solutions can take advantage of this transparency and data density to provide information about the construction project along the whole supply chain and life cycle, as well as to combine, optimise and manage it.

Digitalisation of the value creation chain in construction is therefore indispensable. There is great potential in a digital strategy for the entire construction industry. Optimised management of equipment, tools, machines and raw materials alone saves an enormous amount of time and resources.

Tracking system for efficient warehouse control | smart-TEC | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG
Efficient incoming goods inspection thanks to RFID technology | smart-TEC | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG
Process optimisation in building materials management | smart-TEC | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG

Combined with a Building Information Model (BIM) and a serialised RFID/NFC designation, the whole life cycle of components can be clearly followed and optimised right up to the finished product. Even when the construction project is complete, the IDs can still be used for building management. Procurement of spare parts such as replacing a window becomes straight-forward. The unique ID assigns a digital twin to the object for the length of its life cycle.

Key component: RFID and NFC technology

A data carrier is required for ideal data flow, such as in the form of an RFID transponder or a visual identifier such as a 1 or 2D code, a reader and a software solution for resource planning and control.

Due to RFID technology, construction companies can maintain an overview of which equipment, tools and machines have been used on which construction site. The current servicing and maintenance state is also available at any time. Timely provision with materials and building materials can be monitored and optimised in a timely manner with RFID and NFC technology. This is a process that otherwise costs a lot of money and, in particular, a lot of time.

Fully automated disposal logistics with RFID transponders | smart-TEC | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG

Benefits of labelling with RFID and NFC technology:

  • Simple, fast identification of all machines, materials and tools

  • Up-to-date servicing and maintenance information for equipment and machines at all times

  • Accurate labelling and identification despite demanding environmental conditions

  • Up-to-date information along the entire value added chain and the life cycle of a construction project

  • Evidence of originality with machines and building materials

  • Availability of individual information for each machine, each tool, each building material such as geodata, time stamp, warranty and usage information

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