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Information how we implement the packaging law §15

The RATHGEBER group of companies – which includes RATHGEBER GmbH & Co KG, RATHGEBER k.s., smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG and RATHGEBER Sp.z.o.o. – meets its obligation to comply with the relevant environmental regulations and continuously improve environmental protection with commitment and motivation. Our production has been carbon-neutral for many years and we are constantly reducing the environmental impact of our sites and products, for example in terms of energy consumption, wastewater, waste, and the relevance and quantities of pollutants.

As a manufacturer of long-life technical and decorative product labels, as well as customised NFC and RFID transponders for Industry 4.0 and IoT applications, we dispatch our products in environmentally-friendly outer packaging. Both RATHGEBER GmbH &b Co. KG and smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG are listed in the central German Packaging Register (LUCID). We comply with the relevant regulations set forth in the German Packaging Act (VerpackG) as amended from time to time. Among others, these include:

  • The obligation to document, pursuant to § 15 (3) VerpackG 
  • The obligation to inform, pursuant to § 15 (1) VerpackG; we refer in this context to the return option or an optional special agreement with you as a customer.

The Packaging Act sets out requirements regarding product responsibility for packaging pursuant to § 23 of the Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management Act. The purpose of this Act is to avoid or reduce the impact of packaging waste on the environment. In order to achieve this objective, the Act is intended to regulate the conduct of obligated parties in such a manner that the avoidance of packaging waste is prioritised and that any waste is, moreover, prepared for reuse or recycled. The intention is for market participants to be protected against unfair competition.

In the context of these regulations, we have for many years endeavoured to reduce the amount of packaging we use, without negatively affecting our products’ quality. We make every effort to ensure that the packaging we use is free of hazardous substances, sustainable and recyclable. We have established corresponding processes and control mechanisms within the framework of our DIN ISO 14001 environmental management certification.

smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG is registered as a manufacturer of NFC and RFID transponders with the German German WEEE Register “EAR Stiftung” (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) under the WEEE Number DE 48886082. We offer our customers a suitable concept for taking back and disposing of RFID/NFC transponders produced and supplied by smart-TEC: WEEE Take-back concept.