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Audio guide: No rental devices

Audio guide: No rental devices | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG

Audio guides are the current trend and hardly any museum, sightseeing ride or city tour is without. However, what seems to function so conveniently and simply from a technical perspective generates large expenditure in terms of time, cost and material wear. The reusable metal and plastic parts need to be taken apart, disinfected and finally reassembled - after each issue and return.

By affixing an NFC label with integrated NFC technology, for example, next to a work of art, and reading it with their own smartphone or tablet, visitors can enjoy audio information directly via their own headphones.

Sustainability aspects

  • Saves on disinfectants and their disposal 
  • Saves on all foam ear pads and their disposal 
  • Avoids accidental non-return of issued audio guides and their subsequent disposal (avoidance of electronic waste)
  • Avoids repairs, maintenance, servicing, disposal and replacement of audio guides

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Further sustainability projects by smart-TEC

Refill cups: Less washing up | © RASTAL


Self-service 4.0
Hold the NFC glass in front of the NFC reader built into a self-service tap, make cashless payment, and repeatedly refill your own glass until the amount has been spent.

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Rubbish bins: Empty as required | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG

Rubbish bins: Empty as required

Smart city
Residents decide for themselves if and when the rubbish bin is to be emptied by holding their smartphone against the affixed NFC label and activating refuse collection.

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Parking: Paperless ticket | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG


Parking made simple
An NFC label is affixed to the windscreen and the car park barrier opens automatically. The sensors on the car park barrier recognise the action of parking, record the parking time and charge the parking fee via SEPA direct debit at the end of the month.

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