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Process & production management

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Simplify processes

Industry 4.0 is based around the digital networking of machines, raw materials, products and people. Its aim is to permanently increase productivity and efficiency. In this context, RFID/NFC transponders are an essential component and crucial to implementing Smart Factories.

Benefits compared with conventional labelling:

  • Longevity: tough and resilient for industrial use.
  • Readability: no smearing, no fading, dirt doesn’t affect scanning.
  • Intelligence: smart components ‘think’ for themselves and simplify production control.
  • Memory: data can be stored directly and decentrally in the chip.
  • Accuracy: giving components a unique identifier reduces process errors.


smart-TEC reference projects

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ACD Elektronik

Soldering process
The soldering process was optimised using a high-temperature transponder on the soldering frame to enable fully automated processing – from the placement of the frame to the finished product.

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Building materials management
This producer of building materials used an RFID-based system solution to optimise its logistical process chain by guaranteeing full transparency when filling and transporting.

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Bavarian State Mint

Minting coins
RFID is used to track, document and process coin quantities according to a defined procedure – seamlessly from the receipt of goods to their packaging.

Recommended products

smart-DOME cable tie

RFID/NFC transponder with facilities for attachment using cable ties are very easy to fit to a variety of objects. 

smart-DOME Classic and smart-DOME Freestyle product groups | © smart-TEC GmbH & Co. KG

smart-DOME Freestyle

Ideal for seamless integration into production, processes and equipment, this RFID/NFC transponder offers you absolute freedom of shape, overprint and attachment. 

smart-PLATE HF

  • Aluminium
  • Laser-engraved
  • Integrated RFID transponder (HF technology)
  • Custom colours

smart-LABEL Classic

A thin, self-adhesive label in which RFID/NFC technology is integrated. It is very resilient and fits flexibly onto any background. You can print and shape it any way you want. 

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